Thomas Kinkade

Thomas “Thom” Kinkade (1958-2012)

Thomas Kinkade’s Art Endures And Increasingly Becomes More Valuable

Referred to as “Painter of Lights,” Thomas Kinkade was probably the most effective and most collected artist in U.S. history. Getting originate from a modest background, Kinkade stressed simple living and inspiring messages through his works of art.

It had been while becoming an adult within his small hometown of Placerville, California that these important values were nurtured. It had also been throughout this time that Kinkade started looking at the world around him. In his early years Kinkade spent a summer time on a drawing tour with a college friend, creating a most popular and best-selling training book, “The Artist’s Help Guide to Sketching.” These two youthful artists were later invited by Rob Bakshi Galleries to produce background art for an animated feature film “Fire and Ice.” Also throughout this time frame Kinkade started to understand more about light and which consumed his imagination.

Following the “Fire and Ice” film, Kinkade began making his living as a painter, selling his originals in art galleries throughout California. In 1982, he married his childhood sweetheart, Nanette.


Thomas Kinkade received many honors for his works, including multiple National Association of Special Edition Sellers (NALED) honors for Artist of the season and Graphic Artist of the season. Today Kinkades works of art has continued to be named Lithograph of the Season on nine occasions. In 2004, Kinkade received a unique award from NALED honoring him as the Most Top Rated Artist for the previous twenty five years.

All seeming to glow from within are the incredibly romantic and tranquil scenes of Thomas Kinkade's creations. This incredible ability combined with Thomas Kinkade's choice of wholesome themes made Thomas Kinkade America's most collected living artist, and, in his death continues on.

Despite all of his honors, recognition and notoriety, Thomas Kinkade managed to remain humble and grounded in his faith. The reason for this can be traced back to Thomas Kinkade's much simpler beginnings. While growing up in Northern California in his small town of Placerville, Thomas Kinkade's family had meager resources to live off of. Kinkade adds however that they were "rich in the greatest form of wealth; a nurturing and affirming love."

Thomas Kinkade embraced the Christian faith during his youthful lean years, a faith that later would shape his approach to life as well as the creation of his art. The beauty and need of simplicity and life-affirming values entwined themselves deep in Thomas Kinkade and could be found running through all of his works.

Throughout his life Thomas Kinkade was recognized not just for his art, but for his philanthropic efforts as well. In 2004, NALED honored Kinkade using the Eugene Freedman Humanitarian Award. In 2003, he was selected as a national representative for Make-A-Wish Foundation and raised over $350,000 for that organization throughout his two decades of participating in his Sunshine Tour. He was honored using the 2002 World Children’s Center Humanitarian Award for his contributions to enhancing the welfare of children as well as their families through his work.

Thomas Kinkade was deeply involved in numerous other important key events in American heritage, such as the Salt Lake City 2002 Olympic Winter Games, Disneyland’s 50th Anniversary, the 85th Farewell Season of Yankee Stadium, Graceland’s 50th Anniversary, the 100th Anniversary of the Indiana Motor Speedway, to name a few.

Fulfilling his need to share his work, Kinkade works of art are accustomed to raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for events such as Salvation Military, Hurricane Katrina Relief, Rotary Worldwide, St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital and much more.

In 2002, Thomas Kinkade was awarded with a California Tourism Hall of Fame as a person that had positively affected tourism in California through his pictures of California sights. In his prime Kinkade met the Pope, some U.S. Presidents, along with other well-known dignitaries as he shared his hope-filled, existence message.

His influence on humanity were without bounds.

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